Admission Advice – The Dance Resume

October 30, 2017

Fitting your many years of dance experience onto a single page can seem like a daunting task. In fact, I often get asked if the dance resume can be longer than one page. You probably know the answer, but check out our video for a hint…

So, why can’t your resume be more than one page? The reason is that, at USC Kaufman, you will define and refine your public artistic identity, and we want you to start thinking about how to present yourself now.

It’s probably impossible to fit all of your dance experience on one page, even if the words were in size two font and the page had no margins. What we are most interested in are the highlights of your dance career—those things that have most impacted you.

What does our resume require? Just follow the template we’ve provided. It includes…

1. Your contact information, including your USC ID number. You will receive your USC ID number a few days after submitting your Common Application.

2. A one-sentence Statement of Objectives, which gives us a quick snapshot of your goals.

3. Your academic profile, including your GPA and test score.

4. Your dance training, including summer programs. Here’s where you’ll probably have to make the biggest cuts. Feel free to condense information in a way that makes sense.

5. Performances. Don’t forget to include any relevant roles.

6. Choreographic experience, if you have any. If you don’t, just leave this section off.

7. Awards and scholarships—or any other important dance distinctions.

8. Other activities you love, because we are interested in getting to know you as more than just a dancer. You can list club involvement, leadership positions, hobbies, and anything else you want the faculty to know about you.

What we don’t care about is your height, weight, eye color, age, etc. This is The New Movement, after all! Also, please only submit text, since you’ll provide separate photos. Most importantly, don’t use Comic Sans, as I have a love/mostly hate relationship with it.

By Anne Aubert-Santelli, Director of Admission and Student Services