Dance Electives

November 6, 2017

Photo by Carolyn Diloreto

In addition to the BFA Core and Concentrations, Dance Electives are another component you’ll need to choose as a part of your concentration. You’ll have lots of different options both within and outside of USC Kaufman.

Regardless of your concentration, you’ll be able to take a certain number of courses in lieu of dance courses towards your BFA in Dance—within the School of Cinematic Arts, Thornton School of Music, and School of Dramatic Arts. From The Spring Musical to Individual Voice Instruction to Introduction to Animation, such courses allow you to build additional skills.

Oh, and if you’re a student pursuing the Design Your Own concentration, you get to swap out more than half of what would be dance electives to take a thoughtful combination of courses—which you get to select—from across the university—in the Marshall School of Business, Dornsife College of Letters Arts and Sciences, Roski School of Art and Design, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, just to name a few of the nearly 20 schools at USC.

Within USC Kaufman, there are additional…

We currently offer a three-week study abroad program focused on Salon Culture in Paris, from the time of Louis XXIV to the present day. We will build additional opportunities in other major dance capitals each year.

The last year of Dance Technique and Repertory & Performance, as well as four additional semesters of Composition are offered. Examples of additional studio courses include:
• Tap Dance
• Afro Cuban Dance
• Bollywood Dance
• Choreography for the Screen
• International Style Ballroom Dance
• Performance Labs, which change from semester to semester. Previous performance labs have included Hip Hop Explorations, Classical Variations and Duets (every year) and additional Forsythe Repertory (every semester).
• Special Topics courses. This semester, we offered Commercial Dance and Neuroscience and Dance for Games and Health, a collaboration with students in Cinematic Arts taking a VR course. Next semester, we will be offering Gaga.

Examples of additional history courses include:
• Hip Hop Don’t Stop: Exploring Black Vernacular Dance
• Origins of Jazz Dance
• Dancing on the Screen
• African American Dance

Examples of other courses include:
• Elements of Dance Production
• Artist Collaborative
• Pilates Mat Training (though we also offer individual Pilates reformer and Gyro appointments with our faculty just for BFA students)
• Dancing with Words
• Directed Research
• Dance and New Media
• Creativity, Culture Commerce and Community
• Dance Internship

In short, between USC Kaufman, our fellow art schools, and the university as a whole, you’ll be immersed in an artistic and intellectual playground. And, keep in mind that our list of offerings will continue to expand to ensure that you have what you need to be ready for the professional dance world.

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