Cedars-Sinai/USC Glorya Kaufman Dance Medicine Center

Dancers are both artists and athletes, so it is important that students be made aware of how to care for their bodies to ensure a lasting career in the art of dance.

—Vice Dean Jodie Gates

Dedicated solely to dance medicine and the specific needs of the individual dancer, the new Cedars-Sinai/USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance Medicine Center is a unique collaborative effort to educate dancers about how to avoid dance- and movement-related injuries.

The Center offers a multidisciplinary team of experts in dance and movement, sports medicine, orthopedics, surgery and physical therapy. In addition to providing informational workshops and training about how to prevent injuries, team members from the Center are also available by appointment to assess, treat and rehabilitate injuries when they do occur, particularly foot, ankle, knee and hip injuries.

For more information, visit the Center’s website.