Games for Health

In partnership with the School of Cinematic Arts, the Institute is exploring intersections between dance, neuroscience, and health through two directed research courses, which in partnership with each other and through tandem learning objectives, will produce protocols for future research.

Assistant Professor Marientina Gotsis (cinema) will teach CTIN 503: Interactive Entertainment, Science and Healthcare, and Assistant Professor Thomas McManus (dance) will teach DANC 499: Neuroscience of Dance and Games for Health. Professor McManus’ research seminars builds upon the students’ work with Bill Forsythe with Improvisation Technologies and Synchronous Objects. It explores the RYBG (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) creative system as an interactive game with the potential to be used as a therapeutic intervention to improve executive function and cognitive motor behavior (synchrony, attunement, touch). The objectives of these courses is to develop movement protocols and digital games for improved executive function and cognitive motor behavior interventions.