Interactive Entertainment, Science & Healthcare

This course will give students an overview of foundational concepts required for design, development and evaluation of interactive entertainment and transmedia-based interventions at the intersection of neuroscience, public health and medicine.

Course Overview

In Interactive Entertainment,  Science & Healthcare (CTIN 503), students will develop a unique transdisciplinary perspective of intervention rationale and impact related to wellness, illness and resilience, following a trajectory of critical periods of life and living. They will develop critical reading abilities, writing skills, and experience analysis and synthesis skills.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to prepare students for transdisciplinary collaboration with teams of artists, designers, scientists, health professionals, and engineers, whose mission is to develop and evaluate interventions focused on improving human health and the experience of living. Students will obtain basic mastery of core concepts in the field, including challenges and opportunities. They will acquire necessary skills for analyzing prior art and for proposing future work through a transdisciplinary lens, which will integrate their own skills and experiences.

Students will learn how to apply a common philosophical and theoretical framework that underlies intervention design and evaluation. They will practice conducting literature reviews from diverse fields, conducting design analyses, and synthesizing concepts from multiple disciplines. Students will acquire a basic understanding of study design, data collection, and ethics.