Minor Course Descriptions

The below courses are open to students pursuing a minor program at the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance. Courses listed may satisfy one or both minors. Complete information about courses of instruction is available through the USC Course Catalogue.

Technique Courses (2 units each)

USC Kaufman offers the following technique courses in multiple levels, as denoted by the lettering “a, b, c, d”.

  • DANC 181abc Contemporary Dance
  • DANC 183abcd Ballet
  • DANC 184abc Jazz Dance
  • DANC 185ab Hip-Hop Dance
  • DANC 186 Afro-Cuban Dance
  • DANC 187 Bollywood Dance
  • DANC 188ab International Style Ballroom Dance
  • DANC 189ab Tap Dance

Students with previous dance experience may place into intermediate (b-level), intermediate/advanced (c-level) or advanced (d-level) courses. Such students may complete and return a Prerequisite Waiver Form—which requires approval by the instructor. If the instructor is not on campus, students may fill out the student portion of the form and return it along with a dance resume or detailed description of their dance training. This information will then be reviewed.

All forms should be submitted to Cameo Beard, Student Services Advisor, at cameobea@usc.edu.

Other Dance Courses

DANC 103 Conditioning for Dancers (spring only) – 2 units

Designed for the specific needs of the dancer in preparation for professional training, combining somatic work with the foundation of scientific principles.

DANC 105 Dance Science – 4 units

A broad overview of the scientific principles of exercise physiology, functional anatomy, kinesiology, and bio-mechanics with applications to dance. Prerequisite: DANC 103.

DANC 107 World Perspective on Dance Performance – 2 units

The practice and aesthetics of international dance styles through lecture and participant-driven interaction.

DANC 212g Dance in Popular Culture – 4 units

Carries GE-A Arts credit

Examination of the role of dance in popular culture in a studio setting. Practical studies in styles and their evolution in recreational and professional settings.

DANC 280g Introduction to Dance as an Art Form – 4 units

Carries GE-A Arts credit

Gateway to the minor in dance. Concepts of art exemplified in dance; origins and evolution of classic and contemporary dance forms; elements of art criticism applied to dance productions. Required attendance at dance concerts and art exhibits.

DANC 285 Elements of Dance Production – 4 units

Theoretical aspects of creativity, choreography, accompaniment, dance notation, and production; application in individual and group composition.

DANC 302g Hip-Hop Don’t Stop: Exploring Black Vernacular Dance – 4 units

Carries GE-A Arts credit

Introduction to the history and practice of Urban Folk Dance including hip hop, freestyle, street dance and the relevant social dances of the 20th century.

DANC 305 Dance and New Media  – 1 unit

An introduction to existing and emerging technologies used in creating and delivering dance works.

DANC 312gw African American Dance – 4 units

Carries GE-A Arts and GE-G Citizenship in a Diverse World credit

Exploration of the discursive foundations, political motivations, and aesthetic strategies of dance writers and artists whose works have enabled the category of “black dance.”

DANC 333gw Origins of Jazz Dance – 4 units

Carries GE-A Arts and GE-G Citizenship in a Diverse World credit

Examining the role that vernacular dance and music play in the creation of Jazz Dance, taught in lecture format; practical studies in Jazz Dance, from recreational to professional settings.

DANC 342gp International and Historical Perspectives in Dance – 4 units

Carries GE-B Humanistic Inquiry and GE-H Traditions & Historical Foundations credit for minors.

Exploration of dance as an art form in its artistic, political, and socio-cultural climate. Studies of the continuum of dance within its historical context.

DANC 362 Pilates Mat Training – 2 units

Mat exercises designed to promote healthy movement practices, develop strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.

DANC 363g Dancing on the Screen – 4 units

Carries GE-A Arts credit

The study of dance in movies, television, internet, mobile devices and new media. Examining dance on screen, influenced by storytelling, camera technology and editing.

DANC 385 Choreography and Performance – 2 units

The study of compositional methods and approaches to developing choreographic ideas. Practice and examination includes the integration of improvisational techniques as a means to generate movement ideas and expand movement vocabulary, edit choreographic material, and constructively evaluate and execute choreography and performance.

DANC 432 Creativity, Culture, Commerce and Community – 4 units

Exploration of artistic entrepreneurial mechanisms to initiate innovative endeavors in the professional dance world which are relevant to today’s culture, communities, customs, and business landscape.

DANC 442 International and Historical Perspectives on Dance II- 4 units

Exploration of dance as an art form in its artistic, political, and socio-cultural climate. Studies of the contiuum of dance withing its historical context. Prerequisite: DANC 342g.

DANC 452 Dancing with Words – 4 units

Development of descriptive and analytical skills for dance writing (journalism, education, scholarship, audience development, marketing) and refinement of social-media expertise to connect with relevant audiences.

DANC 482 Choreography for Television – 4 units

Creative choreography of theatrical dance for television. Emphasis on rhythmic analysis, versatility, composition, notation techniques, and stylizing.

DANC 483 Dance Performance – 2 units

Preparation, rehearsal, and performance of experimental choreography in main stage repertory.

DANC 490x Directed Research – 1 to 12 units

Individual research and readings. Open only to juniors and seniors.

DANC 495 Dance Internship – 1 to 4 units

Practical experience linked with information and learned skills. Providing supervised field application of dance theories and practices within a part-time employment context in dance. Open only to juniors and seniors.

DANC 499 Special Topics (for minors) – 1 to 4 units

Selected topics of current interest.