Minor in Dance in Popular Culture: Hip Hop, Urban, and Social Dances

Dance in Popular Culture delves into the historical, social and aesthetic issues of dance in the contemporary settings of entertainment, concert, vernacular and recreational forms. This minor is designed to explore the foundations and structures of hip hop, urban and social dances and to introduce and orient non-major students to the language of dance in contemporary society. In the hip hop culture, dance has become a major avenue of expression, acceptance and power. This minor will address issues of art, race and politics within the parameters of dance as an art form, entertainment and personal expression.

The minor is open to all undergraduates. 16 units are required to complete the program. Students applying to this minor must have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Required Lower Division Courses (4 units)

  • DANC 280 Introduction to Dance as an Art Form (GE-A) – 4 units

Required Upper Division Course (4 units)

  • DANC 302g Hip Hop Don’t Stop: Exploring Black Vernacular Dance (GE-A) – 4 units

Elective Courses (8 units)

  • DANC 107 World Perspectives on Dance Performance – 2 units
  • DANC 181a-188b Technique Course (see below) – 2 units
  • DANC 212g Dance in Popular Culture (GE-A) – 4 units
  • DANC 312g African-American Dance (GE-A) – 4 units
  • DANC 363g Dancing on the Screen (GE-A) – 4 units
  • DANC 385 Choreography and Performance -2 units
  • DANC 432 Creativity, Culture, Commerce and Community – 4 units
  • DANC 452 Dancing with Words – 4 units
  • DANC 483 Dance Performance – 2 units
  • DANC 490 Directed Research – 1 to 12 units
  • DANC 495 Dance Internship – 1 to 4 units
  • DANC 499 Special Topics (for minors) – 1 to 4 units

Technique Courses

Up to 2 units of dance technique courses may be applied towards the minor. These technique courses in multiple levels, as denoted by the lettering “a, b, c, d”.

  • DANC 181abc  Contemporary Dance – 2 units
  • DANC 183abcd Ballet – 2 units
  • DANC 184abc Jazz Dance – 2 units
  • DANC 185ab Hip-Hop Dance – 2 units
  • DANC 186 Afro-Cuban Dance – 2 units
  • DANC 187 Bollywood Dance – 2 units
  • DANC 188ab International Style Ballroom Dance – 2 units
  • DANC 189ab Tap Dance – 2 units

Students with previous dance experience may place into intermediate (b-level), intermediate/advanced (c-level) or advanced (d-level) courses. Such students may complete and return a Prerequisite Waiver Form—which requires approval by the instructor. If the instructor is not on campus, students may fill out the student portion of the form and return it along with a dance resume or detailed description of their dance training. This information will then be reviewed.

All forms should be submitted to Cameo Beard, Student Services Advisor, at cameobea@usc.edu.