Student Reflection: Olivia Euritt

May 30, 2016

BFA student Olivia Euritt experienced a shift in perspective during her freshman year at USC Kaufman; here, she has been exposed to many mediums and stages that have changed her ideas of self and dance.

“I didn’t expect to come out of my freshman year with a new perspective on my future in dance. Because Kaufman is such a hybrid and versatile program, I have been able to broaden my horizons to so many new cultures and dance styles. Prior to coming to Kaufman, I saw myself as a contemporary dancer that was striving to be in a professional concert company one day. Now that I have experienced my first year, I can see myself doing not only that, but maybe something in the commercial world or even on Broadway. My perspective on myself as a dancer changed… I felt that I converted my mind sight to being more open to all of the possibilities that the dance world has to offer. And I am super lucky that we have such an amazing faculty that provides us with so many diverse experiences!”

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