Student Reflection: Rebecca Troyak

June 19, 2016

BFA student Rebecca Troyak fondly recalls an unforgettable experience at USC Kaufman: performing “Ritual to the Sun” from Martha Graham’s “Acts of Light” with none other than the Martha Graham Dance Company.

“I would have to say my favorite experience at Kaufman has been performing with the Graham Company. It was truly the most surreal experience to have the opportunity to perform with such a renowned and distinguished company. The Graham company has some of the most incredible dancers and artists across the world; dancers that I’ve always looked up to. They are all so physically and emotionally present when they dance.

“I am still shocked that I’ve had this kind of experience as a college student and in my first year of college. It was at this performance that I distinctly remember all of us taking our bows. I was standing behind some of the principal dancers in the graham company, and I just remember feeling so much overwhelming joy. I literally could not stop smiling.

“It was in this performance that I just remember feeling so united with my fellow students. Everyone put so much joy, love, passion and hard work into that performance, and we were all feeding off of the incredible dancers of the Graham Company sharing the stage with us and feeding off of each other’s unique talent. I’ve never felt more a part of a family than in that moment. We were all united by our love of dance and our love for each other, and we were performing with the Graham Company. I still can’t believe it happened!”

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