USC News: Dance festival sends a kinetic love letter to hip-hop

September 18, 2023

Aug. 11, 1973, is widely regarded as a pivotal day in the emergence of hip-hop.

At a back-to-school party in a South Bronx community room, DJ Kool Herc famously used two record turntables to extend the “breaks” (percussive interludes) of soul and funk songs — an innovation that gave rise to hip-hop’s musical signature.

His aim? To make the dance floor erupt with energy.

Dance has been a foundational element of hip-hop since this critical moment. “There’s no party without dance first and foremost,” said d. Sabela grimes, an associate professor of practice in the USC Kaufman School of Dance.

Far more than just a diversion, hip-hop dance is also a window into understanding the social and cultural forces that created hip-hop and continue to drive it.

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