Photo: USC Kaufman BFA Student Jessica Muszynsky | Photo by Rose Eichenbaum


September 20, 2017

Kaufman Admission Advice – The Video Audition

In this episode of our Admission Advice series, get vital tips on how to best complete the video audition portion of your application from current USC Kaufman students.


September 18, 2017

Student blog: Ballet BC, bold beauty

By Celine Kiner

Ballet BC director Emily Molnar has a “warm yellow aura,” as one of my classmates phrased it–upon introduction, she emits welcoming, curious, and incredibly grounded energy. Her questions are rooted in an incredibly strong technical base and impressive résumé; she asks in order to create confusion and investigates in order to build beauty out of it.


September 12, 2017

Press: USC Kaufman’s dance minor students in Daily Trojan

USC Kaufman appeared last week in the Daily Trojan, in a feature on the growth of the dance minor program at the university. 

“Student reasons for pursuing the minor range from stress relief to learning something new to continuing a hobby. No matter what their skill level is going into the minor, every student will finish their curriculum having learned something new,” writer Jessica Ma explains.

Read the full story at Daily Trojan online.


September 11, 2017

Student Blog: Rhoden and Williams teach “Hissy Fits”

By Rose Ritch

Dwight Rhoden’s “Hissy Fits” has left my mind in a tantrum. I would be a complete liar if I said this work was easy to dance. From its complexly-layered to music to difficult choreography and partnering sequences, each rehearsal has been a new challenge.


September 8, 2017

Press: USC Kaufman admissions advice in DanceSpirit Magazine

Anne Aubert-Santelli, USC Kaufman’s Director of Admissions and Student Services, recently spoke to DanceSpirit Magazine about the best ways to stand out in the college application process.

“We’re looking at technique and artistry—not just mastery but also potential,” Aubert-Santelli explained.

Read the full article at DanceSpirit online.


September 7, 2017

Balanchine’s “Who Cares” comes to USC Kaufman

George Balanchine’s “Who Cares” premiered in 1970; set to the music of jazz composer George Gershwin, the 40-minute ballet is among Balanchine’s most famous works. Known for its syncopated flair and jazz influences, “Who Cares” is still performed regularly by the New York City Ballet (ballerina Tiler Peck is famous for her interpretation of the “Fascinating Rhythm” solo) and many other companies worldwide.

Jessica, Adam and Aidan between classes at USC Kaufman

September 6, 2017

Admission Student Blog: Learn about USC before you apply

By Kaylin Sturtevant

Applying to college means that you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life. This is a big decision, and I found that compiling a thorough amount of information from various schools helped me choose which schools to send applications. USC has several opportunities for prospective students to learn about the school before applying; I participated in some of these when making my decision.