Student Blog

five dancers wearing black pose in a dance studio

March 9, 2020

Student Blog: Choreographers and Composers 2020

This semester, we had the opportunity to engage in a collaborative experience with students from the USC Thornton School of Music and produce our own student works. We were divided into several small groups and were paired with a student composer.

Older dancers leading young students outside

January 31, 2020

Student Blog: Leadership Opportunities at USC Kaufman

USC Kaufman offers a multitude of leadership opportunities. BFA dance majors can represent their class in the Student Advisory Board, teach young students in the community, work with administration, or facilitate their own senior project. We asked a few students about their leadership roles here at USC Kaufman.

Two dancers hold hands and smile at each others as others walk behind them

January 22, 2020

Student Blog: Dancing in Big Wild’s music video

This past year, I had the privilege of dancing the lead role in a music video for Big Wild’s “6’s to 9’s.” I was so excited because this was my first ever professional job and I would not have been able to get the opportunity without my USC Kaufman community!

six dancers leaning to the left with arms up

October 15, 2019

Student Blog: Experiencing “Wonderland” with Barak Marshall

At the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, we have the amazing opportunity to have a variety of artists and choreographers come in and share their knowledge and passion for dance with us. Barak Marshall, one of our Artists in Residence, is currently in the studio with us. He has shared much more than phrase work over these past few weeks.

Isabella poses in fourth position en point by a fountain in front of the Louvre

October 8, 2019

Student Blog: Traveling with USC Kaufman

Our Vice Dean and Artistic Director Jodie Gates mentioned in one of our first moments with her that, “It is [the goal of the school] to have every USC Kaufman student graduate with a passport.” This really hit home for me because I see the true value of traveling, especially as an artist.

Jainil and another member of FIDAA pose in McCarthy Quad with a poster advertising their club.

September 30, 2019

Student Blog: Creating a second home at USC as an international student

Traveling approximately 8,000 miles away from Mumbai, India was a brave decision for both my family and myself. I thought I’d have to fit in to the “American culture.” I did not expect USC to have so many opportunities and events for an international student like me to feel just like I am at home.

two dancers standing with hands on hips and right toes raised

September 26, 2019

Student Blog: In rehearsal with RubberLegz

Coming into this year at USC Kaufman, I didn’t know what to expect when hearing about the opportunity to work with Rauf “Rubberlegz” Yasit. A self-taught B-Boy, Yasit pairs his breakdancing technique with contemporary styled influences.

Bill Forsythe works with dance students in a studio

September 18, 2019

Student Blog: Freshmen’s first week with William Forsythe

My first day of freshman year was a staggering mix of nerves and excitement. We were told we would have class with Professor William Forsythe, the legendary choreographer I had been dreaming of studying with since before College Commitment Day.