Paris Maymester

Paris Maymester

ARTL 310: Music and Dance in Paris Salon Culture

2.0 Units Spring Tuition • May 17 – June 11

Throughout history, artists and intellectuals have gathered in Paris to exchange new ideas and challenge aesthetic tastes. Using this model, we invite artist-scholars of diverse backgrounds to join us in exploring Paris past and present. During this three-week Maymester, students will be in dialogue with the evolution of art, music and dance through interactive encounters with Parisian spaces.  This experiential history class will examine some of the many cultural legacies of the City of Light, allowing students to not only broaden their cultural literacy but also reflect on their own positions as global ambassadors of music, dance and culture. Activities will include visits to architectural and historical sites, museums, and monuments, as well as walking tours, music/dance performances, culinary tastings and collaborative creative projects.

For more information about the course, take a look at the proposed 2023 syllabus. You can also download notes from our October 2018 informational meeting.


The admission committee will select 30 students for this program. The group will likely be comprised of 15 Thornton and 15 Kaufman students. Priority will be given to majors then minors in each school. Students further along in their studies will also receive priority consideration. Students outside of Thornton and Kaufman will be considered pending availability. In addition to the 30 students selected for this program, there will be a wait list. Please direct any questions to the program coordinator, Anne Aubert-Santelli, at


Apply Now
Deadline: October 9, 2022
Notification: October 18, 2022


Rotem Gilbert
Vice Dean, Research and Scholarly Studies
Thornton School of Music

Jackie Kopcsak
Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs
Glorya Kaufman School of Dance

Program Coordinator

Anne Aubert-Santelli
Associate Dean of Academic and Student Life
Glorya Kaufman School of Dance
(213) 821-6725

Program Costs

2 units of spring tuition
Notes: Students exceeding 18 units in the spring semester will be subject to an additional per unit fee. Students who meet all eligibility requirements may be able to apply their Academic Achievement Award to the Maymester program.

Fixed Costs (based upon 2019)*
Program costs are based on an expected attendance of a minimum of 24 students. Most expenses are financial aid eligible (loans). We are still finalizing the details for the 2023 program. We have provided estimated costs for this year, based upon the costs of the 2019 program. These are subject to change, but should be comparable.

  • Transportation: $175
  • Accommodations: $1,140
  • Activities & Student Discount Card: $700
  • Administrative Costs: $250
  • ACCENT Fee: $585
  • Total: $2,850

Personal Costs
The following costs must be paid out of pocket. Approximate amounts are listed below. Please note that actual costs will vary depending upon personal travel preferences, meals, additional activities, etc.

  • Airfare: $700-$1,500 (can use personal mileage/points)
  • Food & Miscellaneous: $1,300 (assumes $50/day)
  • Overseas Health Insurance (if not on USC Aetna Health Plan): approximately $100 for duration of trip
  • Additional Units: $2,000/unit
  • Students may wish to budget extra money for smaller performances or other activities.