Student Blog: Chaperoning at Hubbard Street

June 25, 2018


Young dancers in the Hubbard Street summer intensive, taking class with USC Kaufman professor Patrick Corbin | Photo by Celine Kiner

By Olivia Euritt

Over these past two weeks, I have had the pleasure of being a chaperone for the Pre-Professional Hubbard Street Intensive here at USC. Not only was this an incredible opportunity to take advantage of the many classes they had to offer with a diverse group of professors, but also to understand some of the logistics that are required to execute a successful experience for young teens in dance.

Leadership and growth

As I am coming to the end of my college career this coming fall, it has become even more apparent that I find immense joy in working with young aspiring artists. I spent a lot of time in my young teens attending summer programs, just as these kids are, and I am very aware of the impact these experiences can play in their growth as artists. Although I was not a teacher during these two weeks, I do feel that I added value to their experience at Hubbard Street.

Because I am a USC student and many of these teens are just starting to dive into their college search process, I felt that I added a lot of value to that conversation, especially with my personal experience here at USC Kaufman!