Kaylin Williams

Newark, NJ

BFA Class of 2024

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Kaylin Williams, a multifaceted artist, began her multimedia journey at the Harlem School of the Arts in NYC. Her unique artistic identity thrives in politically charged spaces, combining music synthesis, alternative cinema, and site-specific movement. 

Her fascination and passion for dance was ignited by her mother and aunts’ graceful movements at family gatherings. During her formative years, Kaylin explored dance, acting, and film through various afterschool programs, drawn to their accessible storytelling and rhythmic poetry. 

While studying at USC’s Kaufman School of Dance, Kaylin collaborated on student films, animations, projection mapping exhibitions, and 3D renderings with motion capture technology. These efforts have enriched her artistic journey while seamlessly integrating dance into the digital realm. 

Now a fourth-year dance major, Kaylin continues merging music synthesis, alternative cinema, and site-specific movement to create boundary-pushing works. Her journey combines family tradition with artistic exploration, inspiring and connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds through her artistry.