Aidan Carberry

BFA Class of 2019

Concentration in Choreography for Stage & Cinematic Arts

Instagram: @aidan_carberry
YouTube: Aidan Dacy Carberry

Carberry has worked with Emma Portner, William Forsythe and more. This year, he also created JA, a choreographic collective, with classmate Jordan Johnson. JA will tour with band half•alive during their festival tour and fall world tour, while creating new music videos for the band (one of which was recently nominated for a World Choreography Award). Carberry will also perform with John Shin’s Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy World Tour. Carberry has taught at several intensives, and is currently in the process of auditioning for a Netflix show. He hopes to be a choreographer that makes work revolving around his own unique aesthetic.

“Hopefully, I can use my knowledge and work on changing/creating space to increase respect and love for the industry’s dancers,” he said.