Ardyn Flynt

BFA Class of 2019

Concentration in Dance Performance
Thematic Option Honors program

Instagram: @ardundundun

In the last four years, Flynt has put hours upon hours into social dance practices, engaging with house and hip-hop communities in LA and fusing her conservatory training with vernacular movement. She has taught her methods at the “Art Of” ballet intensive in Zurich, Switzerland with William Forsythe’s approval, and will teach there again this summer. Flynt will also teach at the Paul Taylor Intensive in Los Angeles, as well as at the Laguna Dance Festival. She aims to continue to explore the synthesis between each of the styles in her arsenal and contribute her research in higher education.

“I want to illustrate the poignancy of dance as a communicative tool through comedy, movement, music and text,” she said. “In doing so, I also want to celebrate the individuality of each dancer as a corporeal conversationalist.”