Celine Kiner (she/her)

BFA Class of 2019

Concentration in Dance & Music
Minor in Narrative Structure

Email: celinekiner@gmail.com
Instagram: @celinekiner
Website: celinekiner.com

While a student, Kiner and colleagues Carolyn DiLoreto and Emily Halaka created a collaborative film work titled Shed that won various accolades at Dance Camera West, San Francisco Dance Film Festival and more. She began writing for the Los Angeles Dance Chronicle in March, reviewing the likes of Batsheva Dance Company, Michael Keegan-Dolan, Sankai Juku, Margie Gillis, and more. She recently joined DIYdancer as contributor (Issue 03) and curator of their On Our Radar series. Currently, she manages print and digital media at the USC School of Dramatic Arts. Eventually, she hopes to critique dance for a major print publication.

Kiner would like her future endeavors to “provide context for dance in Los Angeles and beyond, by reviewing movement of all applications in order to change the lexicon by which dance, particularly concert dance, is defined.”