Justin Epstein

BFA Class of 2019

Concentration in Choreography for Stage & Cinematic Arts

Email: justinedwardepstein@yahoo.com
Instagram: @justinepstein_

Epstein took advantage of the undergraduate courses at USC Thornton, finding that his affinity for tap dancing could inform rhythms he created on the computer. He served as an audio collaborator/consultant on six of his colleagues’ senior projects. Since graduation, he has worked as production coordinator for Laguna Dance Festival’s Annual Gala, accompanist for the Paul Taylor Summer Intensive, and audio consultant on the Movers Digest podcast. He also released his EP, Sandbox, on streaming platforms this fall. Epstein aims to create participatory audio-visual experiences that rupture sound space using music, text and voice.

Furthermore, Epstein hopes his career will lead him to “becoming a self-sustaining movement artist focused on community building, gratitude and the beauty of the human experience.”

Photo by Mary Mallaney