Rachel Walton

BFA Class of 2019

Created her own concentration on dance in relationship to technology
Minor in Computer Programming

Email: rachelwalton.dance@gmail.com
Instagram: @rawalton4

In the last year, Walton performed twice with Kybele Dance Theater at The Broad Stage and at the Los Angeles Dance Festival. She also signed with Go2 Talent Agency, and has worked as a teaching assistant for Saleemah E. Knight. This summer, Walton will be dancing with Traverse City Dance Project in Michigan and New York City, as well as participating in a film project for artist Porcelain. Currently, Walton is working on a collaboration with William Forsythe in Germany. She would like to dance professionally in both concert and commercial industries during her career, as well as creating technology for dancers.

Walton works “to fuse art and technology through collaborative projects, in order to share the importance of utilizing creativity within the everyday.” She hopes “to spread a little more joy to the world in order to make a positive impact on friends and strangers alike.”