Zackery Torres

Phoenix, AZ

BFA Class of 2021

Where did you train?

Dance Connection Scottsdale.

What inspires you?

I often find myself asking the same question, and I always end up stumped. Lately I have been pondering what really inspires me, and failure seems to do it. Every time something does not turn out the way I thought it would, I suddenly feel an urge to make it happen. Instead of sitting back and feeling sorry for myself, I get up and work harder. I also produce my best work, and feel the most myself when I am busy. I feel some sort of adrenaline rush when I have a lot of things to do.

Describe yourself in three words.

Genuine. Driven. Passionate.

Tell us a fun fact about you.

I have taught an entire dance class in Spanish.

What does it mean to be a part of USC Kaufman?

Being a part of USC Kaufman is a feeling that I can not put into words. I am so honored to be a part of a training program that prides itself on creating hybrid artists. The dance community is always changing and never remains the same, and the dancers that thrive are ones that can adapt with it. It is easy to get caught up in one style that speaks to you, but I am so lucky to be a part of a program that allows for all styles of dance to speak to me the same.