USC Kaufman Portfolio

First-year applicants, transfer applicants and current USC students applying for our BFA program will each submit slightly different versions of the USC Kaufman Portfolio. In addition to the USC Kaufman Portfolio on SlideRoom, all first-year applicants and transfer applicants must also complete the USC Undergraduate Application. All application materials are due by December 1.

First-year applicants and transfer applicants will access the USC Kaufman Portfolio via the USC Undergraduate Application. First-year applicants must select “Regular Decision”. First-year applicants and transfer applicants should select dance as one of their intended majors, which will generate a portfolio section. ONLY current USC students should proceed directly to SlideRoom to submit the USC Kaufman Portfolio.

The USC Kaufman Portfolio for admission to Fall 2023 includes the below components.

Two Video Auditions

Present two contrasting solos/excerpts (one minute each). We want you to interpret the word ‘contrasting’ for yourself (and you’ll be asked to explain how they are contrasting). Show us your best work, but make sure that you show us your range.

You are welcome to submit original choreography, but you do not have to. You can choose to improvise or freestyle. You may submit video of site-specific work, if it makes sense for you. Also, you may include one example of partnering work, as long as you are easy to identify.

We will accept previously recorded performances (it must be recent) or newly-shot videos. A dance studio, if available, is an ideal location for newly-shot work.

While you need not submit professional videos, we must be able to clearly see you in order to observe your technique and musicality.

When filming, make sure that you are in close proximity to the camera while maintaining your full body in frame. Do not submit work that has been edited with jump cuts, dissolves or musical overlays. If you plan to use a phone, please hold the phone horizontally to ensure that the dancer in the video is as large and as clear as possible.

Finally, be sure to provide information about each solo under the Forms section and label your media items appropriately.

Most importantly, each piece may be no longer than one minute. Be sure to make each second count!

Contact Elliott Scher, Admissions & Student Services Officer, at if you have difficulty managing the video request.

Video Response

Upload a 30- to 60-second video responding to the prompt: USC Kaufman’s Affirmations include five values that guide the school: excellence, belonging, risk taking, community nd integrity. How do you see one of these values impacting the future of the dance field?

One-Page Dance Resume

The one-page dance resume allows us to understand your dance background. You must follow the format of the following template. If you do not yet have the results of your SAT or ACT examinations, please indicate ‘IP’ (for In Progress) followed by the month in which you plan to take the exam. If you are not submitting the results of your SAT or ACT examinations, please list ‘Will not be submitting’.

Short Answer

Answer the following question in 150-250 words: The USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance is uniquely positioned as a conservatory embedded within one of the world’s leading private research universities. How will you take advantage of the many academic, artistic and social opportunities available at the university as a whole? 

Two Photographs

You should provide a head shot and action shot. The head shot should allow us to see your face clearly. The action shot should showcase your personality. It will not be evaluated for technique. Professional photographs are not necessary. No group shots please.

Additional details and instructions about each component of the USC Kaufman Portfolio are provided on SlideRoom.