Aurora Vaughan

Redwood City, CA

BFA Class of 2021

Where did you train?

I trained at Bay Area Dance School in Los Altos, CA. I was mentored by Leyla Boissonnade from the time I was a toddler, and moved to her new studio at the beginning of high school. I could not be more grateful for the opportunities given to me there.

What inspires you?

The younger dancers back at home. Their uninhibited love of imagination and movement is what I strive to feel everyday in my own dance classes.

Describe yourself in three words.

Curious. Frank. Loyal.

Tell us a fun fact about you.

I keep all my fortunes from fortune cookies!

What does it mean to be a part of USC Kaufman?

Being a part of this new movement means that I have the wonderful responsibility of creating and sharing my art, and I can cultivate the idea that dance is not only an activity, but it is also a lifestyle.