Student Blog: Top 10 USC Kaufman Quotes from 2015

December 29, 2015

Desmond Richardson instructs USC Kaufman BFA dancers

By Celine Kiner

As we face 2016 and reflect on our first semester, we want to keep the expansive wisdom from our USC Kaufman faculty in mind. Here are the top ten quotes from 2015, coined by our favorite professors, guest teachers, and artists-in-residence:

1. “Never what, always how.” -William Forsythe

2. “If you can, you have to. If you’re capable, it’s your responsibility to enhance the art form.” -Glenn Edgerton

3. “Be more, because you can.” -Desmond Richardson

4. “Dance is the balancing act of logic, reason, and feeling together.” -Alonzo King

5. “There are no rules.” -William Forsythe

6.”If I’ve got my nucleus of dancers who are all passionate about what they’re doing, everything else will follow.” -Glenn Edgerton

7. “You must always be reaching further, jumping higher.” -Tiler Peck

8. “There is no room to dream anymore–make it a reality.” -Diana Vishneva

9. “Don’t ever ‘save it’ for your next performance; dig deep and find it somewhere, for right now.” -Jodie Gates

10. “Every student has a potential that is personal to them. It’s my job to facilitate that student to further that potential.” -Patrick Corbin

We’ll be sure to keep these in mind as we begin our second semester, as well as this last one from Mr. Edgerton: “I would have killed for a program like this. It’s unparalleled. You know that, right?”