USC Kaufman seeking applicants for part-time faculty positions

December 18, 2015

USC Kaufman is seeking applicants for four new part-time faculty positions:

    • Part-Time Lecturer in Afro-Cuban Dance
      This lecturer would provide specialized instruction in the area of Afro-Cuban contemporary and traditional dance forms for non-majors and majors, Afro-Cuban dance history, Afro-Caribbean dance studies, and Latin dance.


    • Part-Time Lecturer in Jazz Dance
      This lecturer would provide specialized instruction in the area of Jazz Dance, specific to any of the following areas: Vernacular Jazz Dances, Commercial Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Concert Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Contemporary Jazz and Dunham-based practices with the ability to teach lectures in Jazz Dance history, African/Afro-Cuban Dance history and Latin Dance history for non-majors and majors.


    • Part-Time Lecturer in Hip Hop Dance
      This lecturer would provide specialized instruction in the areas of Hip Hop and related dance forms for non-majors and majors, African American dance history, Hip Hop dance and history in particular.



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