New Movement Residency

The New Movement Residency at the Glorya Kaufman School of Dance aims to support LA-based and female choreographers by providing space for them to explore, create and prepare dance work for future touring and presentations. Up to three artists will be selected to participate in the three-week residency, held Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center beginning in May of 2018.

There are many challenges to the creation of dance art, especially given the distinct requirements to create a dance work that will tour to various theaters and venues. Proper space to create is often cited as an ongoing issue plaguing dance-makers. Even those highly established and respected don’t have access to quality facilities. During its quieter period, USC Kaufman seeks to seize the opportunity and provide usage of its studios including an informal showing in the Large Performance Studio as part of the new residency program.

This new program aims to support LA-based dance-makers as well as female choreographers. Artists with recent regional and national touring history and/or the strong potential to tour the work to be created will be more competitive. USC Kaufman will also provide mentoring, work assessment and critique from its esteemed faculty throughout the residency and beyond. Applicants will be asked to include USC Kaufman BFA students in the process, either to observe and document the creation of work at various stages, shadow and interview choreographers, rehearsal directors and/or dancers in the process, or serve as apprentices.

USC Kaufman will also match selected residency artists with a member of its esteemed faculty to serve as a mentor during the residency and beyond, potentially serving as a dramaturg, frequently a critical need but overlooked by dance-makers at any stage in their career. The selected artists may also mentor the participating BFA students as they seek to absorb and learn through the residency.


  • November | Call for proposals
  • January| Deadline to submit application and all attachments
  • January | Review and selection of applications
  • February | Up to three artists/ projects selected
  • May/ June  | Residency Period (minimum of 120 hours available)
  • June  | Culminating Works in Progress showings in USC Kaufman’s Performance Studio


  • Applications are reviewed based on the following criteria:
  • Eligible applicants are either based in Los Angeles (County) and/or identify as a female choreographer.
  • Applicants must consider choreography as their primary outlet.
  • Must be at least 3 years out of college (undergraduate) and working as a professional choreographer
  • Must exhibit some regional and/or national touring history for at least the most recent two years
  • Demonstrate tour-ability of work to be created through funds raised specifically for work and presenter/venue interest or co-commissions.

Applications closed for 2018.


Renae Williams Niles
Chief Operating Officer
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