Boston Globe highlights Forsythe’s “Artifact” at Boston Ballet

January 27, 2017

William Forsythe's "Artifact Suite" at Boston Ballet.

William Forsythe stages "Artifact" on Boston Ballet | Photo by Josh Reynolds

USC Kaufman faculty member William Forsythe is bringing his four-act ballet, “Artifact,” to Boston Ballet as a part of his five-year contracted relationship. In a recent article, the Boston Globe’s Karen Campbell writes about Forsythe’s connection with the company. Campbell writes that the Boston Ballet production will even include a new section, created directly on the company dancers by Forsythe himself, while the ballet is staged by Kathryn Bennetts and Noah Gelber.

“…the dancers love working with Forsythe, too. “We’re incredibly excited,” confirms soloist Patrick Yocum following the rehearsal. He says “Artifact,” the third Forsythe work in which he has danced, demands intense concentration, and he calls it “wonderful, strange, shocking.””

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