Learning Objectives

In pursuing a BFA from Kaufman School of Dance, students will be given a variety of learning objectives designed to give them a well-rounded education in all facets of dance and intersecting industries, thus allowing them to take their training and experience and become leaders in the field of dance.


Developing hybrid dance artists through rigorous studio training in ballet, hip-hop and contemporary styles, with a focus on how diverse dance techniques intersect with one another. Also, expanding somatic and kinesthetic understanding as well as improvisational and compositional skills. In addition, providing extensive, informative experiences through learning and performing seminal and new dance repertory by influential choreographers.

Foundational Knowledge

Tracing the history and evolution of dance through multidisciplinary courses while blending theory and the practice of dance in studio course work. Areas of study such as dance history, culture and community as well as music, media arts, writing, science and business, provide context and a sense of place from which to collaborate, create and innovate.


Developing a personal artistic identity through a substantial focus on one concentration such as Dance Performance, Choreography for Stage and Cinematic Arts, or Dance and Music.


Understanding the importance of collaboration in the artistic process through projects with fellow dancers, students and faculty from other disciplines at the university, and visiting artists.

New Media

Knowledge of cinematic arts and new media such as filmmaking, editing, animation, gaming, virtual reality and web-based platforms, coupled with an understanding of how digital technologies will continue to impact dance.

Strategic Venture Skills

Providing practical business and strategic leadership tools for career success, as well as an understanding of the workings of the dance industry.

Senior Project

Application of what is learned through a self-directed project in the senior year, completed under the tutelage of a faculty mentor.