The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance is a four-year intensive program in preparation for a career as a professional dancer, a choreographer for stage or cinematic arts or an artist exploring the relationship between dance and music. The rigorous curriculum allows students to develop a strong personal vision in dance, while taking advantage of USC’s academic resources.

BFA Core

The BFA Core provides instruction focused on technique, performance and composition—amounting to approximately five hours of dance per day, five days per week—alongside courses in history, health and critical theory. It also includes introductory courses in music, digital media and dance management, as well as the opportunity to engage with faculty in meaningful dialogue through annual colloquiums.

Concentration Electives

In the junior and senior years, USC Kaufman students can explore one of four concentrations: Dance Performance, Choreography for Stage & Cinematic Arts, Dance & Music or Design Your Own.  Students are mentored by faculty and assisted by academic advisors in selecting electives that support their personal and professional goals. Students in all concentrations are able to take electives not only in dance, but also in music, cinematic arts, and dramatic arts. Students in the Design You Own concentration, which allows them to pursue a truly custom program of study, can take electives across the university. Concentrations culminate in a senior project.

USC General Education & Writing

Dancers receive a rigorous liberal arts experience through the university’s General Education and Writing program, which provide a foundation of knowledge to help them become thoughtful citizens of the world.

General Electives / USC Minor

Recognizing that other disciplines can inform an artist’s development, USC Kaufman’s graduation requirements include 16 units of general electives. (Four years of tuition cover a total of 28 general elective units) Dancers are encouraged to use these units to pursue a minor in one of 150 areas of study. They may also work towards a second major, complete requirements for a pre-professional emphasis (i.e. pre-physical therapy), start a progressive degree, sample courses from across the university, or take more concentration electives.


The BFA requires a total of 132 units. The unit breakdown is as follows:

  • BFA Core – 65 units
  • BFA Concentration Electives – 19 units minimum
  • USC General Education – 32 units (8 units included in the BFA Core)
  • USC Writing – 8 units
  • USC General Electives – 16 units