Welcome Week 2017 Recap

August 25, 2017

2017 Meet the Dean

The class of 2021 at our Meet the Dean event | photo: Celine Kiner

Our first week of classes for the 2017 Fall Semester is wrapping up, but the festivities around the new school year actually began the week prior.  Welcome Week gives our students, returning and new, a chance to move into their dorms, acquaint themselves with the campus and get to know their classmates before classes officially kick off.  Steeped in Trojan traditions, Welcome Week is packed with activities to celebrate the incoming class and orient them to life at USC.  This year, the excitement reached an all-time high, with the new USC Village opening to students and their families immediately following the annual convocation for the incoming class.

We have a few Welcome Week traditions of our own here at USC Kaufman, including our Meet the Dean event and our Hollywood-themed Kaufman Dance Party! Here’s a quick photo recap of the week’s highlights…

Convocation photo by Heather Toner-1
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 125
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 108
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 97
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 91
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 84
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 62
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 82
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 51
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 48
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 44
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 41
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 37
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 25
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 23
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 20
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 9
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 7
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 3
2017-MeetTheDean-cr-CelineKiner - 1