What we’re thankful for this year

November 18, 2020

Photo collage of Ava Noble, Bruce McCormick, and Anne Aubert-Santelli

Ava Noble (BFA '23), Bruce McCormick, Anne Aubert-Santelli

While this semester presented many challenges for the USC Kaufman community, a collection of students, staff and faculty came together to share what they are feeling thankful for at this time of year.

Thankful for friendships

Among the student participants, many appreciated the close relationships within their cohorts during this unprecedented time.

“One thing I’m so grateful for is the amazing Class of 2023, my cohort,” said Ava Noble (BFA ‘23). “I miss you all so much. I’m so glad that this time has brought us even closer together and you all continue to inspire me even in our little boxes on Zoom.”

Similar to Noble, Alexandra Policaro (BFA ‘21) felt thankful for the close relationships she has with her housemates.

“One thing I was very grateful for this semester was to be able to be with housemates because while not in the studios it still allowed me to have that human connection and community like we would if we were in the studios,” she said.

Grateful for studio space

Simon Schuh (BFA ‘21) mentioned that he is thankful for studio space, which has helped to provide some sense of normalcy while taking virtual dance classes.

“I am grateful for having a studio space to constantly rehearse and take all my technique classes this semester,” he said. “It’s been great having an area to explore movement vocabulary and to rehearse stuff for post-grad life.”

Dance On!

Assistant Professor of Practice Bruce McCormick concludes the video by thanking students and staff as well as encouraging them to dance on.

“Super grateful for the perseverance of our students, the support of our staff and the creativity of our faculty as we navigated this semester,” he said. “I appreciate all of you. Dance On, everyone!”

To hear what else the USC Kaufman community is thankful for, check out the video below: