Student Blog: Stunned by week one

August 28, 2016

By Celine Kiner

A new year. A new week. A new day, a new rehearsal, new rep, new professors, new friends, new ideas, and new dance.

I could not be more fulfilled or inspired after week one.

The end of last semester left me exhausted–my head filled way past the brim with information and my heart in need of some serious family time. Summer, while giving me time to digest all of this information, was much too long to go without my Kaufman family. Reunion with my close friends and my everyday inspiration ignited a fire in me ready to burn through this next semester.

Week one gave us incredible technique classes with professors Kopcsak, Gates, Karz, Lummis, Lott, McManus, and Durden, each of which only affirmed the strength of last year’s training and built upon our strong foundations. Each class left me breathless, but stimulated in both mind and body, ready to learn. Repertory allowed us the chance to learn more of Balanchine’s “Serenade,” a piece that remains a neoclassical staple in many ballet companies. Rehearsals with Zippora Karz were so efficient that we’d absorbed all of the choreography by the end of the week, and are now set to move on to Balanchine’s “The Four Temperaments,” which will strengthen our partnering skills.

Improvisation and Composition allows us a chance to exercise our creative brains, and choreographing with Professor McManus’ cues has already led me into ideas for the midterm showcase, which comes after performances with Forsythe for Visions and Voices.

And all of this in our brand new, state-of-the-art facility? Five studios of beautifully open space, complete with natural lighting and a mixture of marley and wood floors make us the luckiest students in the world, if not the luckiest dancers.

In short, this week unveiled a peek into what our insanity-filled semester will be like. But we could not be more prepared to take the year by storm.