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two dancers looking away with serious faces

September 6, 2019

Student Blog: Choreographing for Traverse City Dance Project

With only four weeks to choreograph, clean, stage and perform a 15-minute piece, involving seven dancers and live music, we started moving quickly. I also had to take into account that I was learning a duo choreographed by Professor Lott.


August 30, 2019

Student Blog: Reflection on the College Admissions Process

After meeting with the faculty at Kaufman and speaking with the admissions team, I realized that I wanted to pursue a BFA in dance. USC was my ultimate choice for college because of all the amazing opportunities they provide for their students.

Alyssa, Brenden, and Sophia pose in white

August 14, 2019

Student Blog: Music & More SummerFest with ArtistsPlus Dance Company

After a fulfilling and challenging two weeks dancing at Orsolina 28’s Forsythe/Pite Program in Moncalvo, Italy, the day finally came. Sophia Oddi (BFA ‘19), Alyssa Allen (BFA ‘19) and I awoke early Saturday morning to embark on our adventure to perform at the second annual Music & More SummerFest in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina with ArtistsPlus Dance Company.

Cast of Aszure Barton's "BUSK" performing on stage

July 24, 2019

Student Blog: Aszure Barton finds form in Germany

USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance senior Jake Tribus (BFA ’20) and alumna Jessica Muszynski (BFA ’19) worked with choreographer Aszure Barton at USC Kaufman this year, then were invited to join her in Germany this summer to work on a new creation. As a part of Aszure Barton & Artists, the two dancers are in the studio with company members during the day, then touring the city afterward.

man and woman dancing outside in blue dance attire

July 1, 2019

Student Blog: Ballet and Berkshires at Jacob’s Pillow

I learned so much during my time at the Pillow, and not just from the performance opportunities. Each class taught me something new, whether it was improvisation and composition knowledge from Emily Molnar or a Forsythe technology from our very own USC Kaufman professor Thomas McManus.

Dancer standing over mirrors

June 24, 2019

Student Blog: Shifting gears at this year’s New Movement Residency

As soon as USC Kaufman announced this year’s New Movement Residency artists, I began to arrange plans to stay in Los Angeles for the summer. An excited buzz filled the USC Kaufman hallways and studios among my peers when we found out that Marissa Osato, Micaela Taylor and Tony Testa would be here this summer.

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June 21, 2019

Student Blog: Collaboration in a Parisian context

Towards the end of the Paris Maymester, USC Thornton and Kaufman students worked in collaboration on original creations. We spent a few hours of studio time improvising with one another, and the following day we broke into small groups to create pieces that reflected on our Parisian experiences.

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June 17, 2019

Student Blog: Ode to a found flâneur

Rachel Harris (BFA ’20) writes “Ode to a found flâneur,” a poem inspired by her time in Paris with the USC Kaufman and USC Thornton Maymester.