Photo: USC Kaufman BFA student dancer Jessica Musyznski | Photo by Rose Eichenbaum

Admissions News

BFA students rehearse "Caught in the Chamber" | Photo by Carolyn DiLoreto

March 7, 2018

Student Blog: Applications – The waiting game

By Chloe Kuka

It’s that time of year for high school seniors—a frenzied period of checking email inboxes and refreshing application portals obsessively. It’s college admission letter season! With the April 1 decision deadline fast approaching, we asked freshmen Zack, Londyn, and Matthew about how they got through the stressful but exciting period of time between applying and auditioning for colleges and receiving their admissions decisions.

February 21, 2018

Student Blog: Being on the other side of auditions…

By Chloe Kuka

It’s been almost a month, but we can’t stop thinking about the insane talent of all the dancers who traveled to L.A. to audition for our program! However, the auditions couldn’t have run smoothly without the help of our current student volunteers, who did everything from hosting auditionees in their dorm rooms to making coffee runs for the professors. We asked freshmen Alex, Aurora, Evan, and Zach about their experiences helping out with auditions for the class of 2022.

USC Kaufman student in class on pointe | Photo by Carolyn DiLoreto

February 20, 2018

Tips on Financial Aid and Scholarships

You’ve finished your application, portfolio and audition, but you’re not quite done yet… Apply for financial aid and scholarships now!

Students in the Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center Courtyard | Photo by Carolyn DiLoreto

December 8, 2017

Spring Open Floor 2018

Kick off the spring 2018 semester right and join us for the ultimate dance club fair and dance party, Spring Open Floor 2018 co-hosted by the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance and the Dance Club Council (DCC). Learn more about how you can take a dance class, join a dance club, and all the ways to get involved in dance at USC while you bust a move with new friends! Open to all USC students.


December 8, 2017

Choreographic voices emerge at Student Works Performance

Over the past year and a half, the class of 2020 worked in improvisation and composition courses to discover the possibilities of the choreographic process. For six of the students, this work culminated in the Student Works Performance, which took place Nov. 28 and 29 at the Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center.

The performance marked a chance for the class of 2020 to explore a different facet of dance — creating, instead of being created upon– which, for some, was an entirely new experience.

“Choreography was never something that I thought I would have the courage to take on, but […]

Students from a variety of majors take class at USC Kaufman | Photo by Heather Toner

December 6, 2017

Admission Advice: Pursuing a minor at USC Kaufman

For students majoring in dance or another subject area at USC, the university’s robust selection of minors offers the opportunity to combine studies in dance with a wide array of academic interests.

USC Kaufman students at ballet barre. Photo by Carolyn DiLoreto

December 5, 2017

Admission Advice: The live audition

The fact that we have a two-stage audition process—whereby we narrow down the pool to a list of finalists—allows us to do things differently. For starters, our auditions are intimate. Last year, our smallest audition had 12 students and our largest had 25. This means that faculty will really get to know you, and you’ll really get to know the program. After all, you are auditioning us as much as we are auditioning you.

GKIDC hallway. Photo by Carolyn DiLoreto

December 2, 2017

You’ve submitted your application. What’s next?

You submitted your Common Application and USC Supplement, which included writing samples, letters of recommendation, and so much more. You also submitted your USC Kaufman Portfolio asking for a million dance components. Now that all this work is done, what’s next?

Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center. Photo by Ema Peter

December 2, 2017

Application deadline extended for BFA in Dance

Some of applicants have experienced technical difficulties with the application, so USC Kaufman has extended the deadline for submission to Monday, Dec. 4 at 11:59 p.m.

Please contact our director of admission, Anne Aubert-Santelli, at for assistance.

November 29, 2017

All Applications for USC Kaufman are due Dec. 1

The deadline to submit applications for USC Kaufman is fast approaching. Whether you are a first-year applicant, transfer applicant or a current USC student, all materials, including the USC Kaufman portfolio, are due this Friday, Dec. 1.