Student Blog

USC Kaufman Maymester in Paris

May 15, 2017

Student Blog: Arriving in Paris

By Jake Tribus

After an 8-hour-long flight, you could imagine how sore my body was, and the lack of sleep wasn’t helping either. The only thing keeping me positive was the thought of walking down the streets of the City of Love, and how I would soon be learning about the salon culture of Paris, in USC Kaufman’s first ever Maymester program.


May 8, 2017

Student Blog: Dance On! Week

By Jackie Schiffner

As part of a brand new program, we have the opportunity to develop brand new traditions on the USC campus. One of these traditions that began last year was Dance On! Week. With its purpose of promoting dance across campus, Dance On! Week involves all dance-enthusiasts from BFA majors, dance minors, elective students, dance clubs and crews, and all patrons of the arts.


May 1, 2017

Student Blog: A day in the life at USC Kaufman

At Kaufman, we function as a conservatory-based program within a major research university. Having that status–as a college student majoring in dance–can mean quite a heavy load. But do not be discouraged by busy college life. I am going to walk you through a typical day at Kaufman.


April 24, 2017

Student Blog: Spring performance preparations

By Alyssa Allen

Since January of this year, we’ve been learning and rehearsing diverse repertory to present at our BFA Spring Dance Performance. Including an excerpt of Jiri Kylian’s Falling Angels and Sarabande (staged by Fiona Lummis), Victor Quijada’s Empirical Quotient, an excerpt of William Forsythe’s Enemy in The Figure (staged by Ayman Harper), and new works by Raphael Xavier, Vice Dean Jodie Gates, Christopher Scott and Jessica Lee Keller, our program is extremely diverse and covers such a range of artistry–I feel so fortunate to learn from these legendary choreographers.


April 17, 2017

Student Blog: Family of 50

By Whitney Hester
One of the best things about spending a minimum of 40 hours a week with my Kaufman family is the closeness that has developed between us. Given the amount of hours we spend in class and rehearsal, you might think we would want to spend our free time apart. However, even on our days off, we often find ourselves together outside the studio.


April 10, 2017

Student Blog: First-year expectations

By Kaylin Sturtevant

Time flies. One second, you’re starting your college applications, and the next thing you know, you’re walking into your first day of college classes, not quite sure about what the year will bring. Coming to USC Kaufman, I had some sense of how my life would be different–in a new environment, dancing with new people–but I did not realize how much I would learn and grow as an artist and person in my first year.


April 3, 2017

Student Blog: Live on the USC Kaufman video stage

By Olivia Euritt

This semester, in our Introduction to Dance for the Camera: New Media and Editing (DANC 218) class with Professor Patrick Corbin, we were tasked with creating video projects in small groups, each formed by common interests and career goals. I was incredibly lucky to have worked in a group with two amazing, empowering, and independent young women, Helen and Madison.


March 27, 2017

Student Blog: Curiously moving conflict engagement

By Celine Kiner

She prefers the term “conflict engagement” to “conflict mediation.” Why? “I believe conflict is necessary,” Dana Caspersen told her audience on Wednesday night. “But we must approach it with curiosity, rather than violence. We must engage with it.”

Sitting in the audience, I was aware that this wasn’t the first time I had heard Dana say this in the past week. As BFA students, we were lucky enough to have a few sessions with her in our repertory and improvisation/composition classes.


March 20, 2017

Student Blog: The campus experience

By Rebecca Troyak

Coming to USC Kaufman was a totally unique experience for me. Previously, I attended a performing arts high school, and couldn’t even tell you what football was. Dance was my entire life. When it came time for me to choose a college program, all I wanted was to be somewhere rigorous, challenging, and intense. I thought that meant a conservatory program was my only choice. But Kaufman offers something that no other program in this nation does: the opportunity for an intense, challenging conservatory program paired with a regular college experience.


March 13, 2017

Student Blog: Horton/Hope Boykin fusion, year two

By Jake Tribus

This Friday, we were treated to a master class with Hope Boykin, a dancer and choreographer for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Hope joined the company in 2000 and has choreographed three different works for them throughout her career. This was my second time taking her class (I attended her class while touring campus last year, when she visited to teach the class of 2019), and she has yet to disappoint!