Student Blog


September 18, 2017

Student blog: Ballet BC, bold beauty

By Celine Kiner

Ballet BC director Emily Molnar has a “warm yellow aura,” as one of my classmates phrased it–upon introduction, she emits welcoming, curious, and incredibly grounded energy. Her questions are rooted in an incredibly strong technical base and impressive résumé; she asks in order to create confusion and investigates in order to build beauty out of it.


September 11, 2017

Student Blog: Rhoden and Williams teach “Hissy Fits”

By Rose Ritch

Dwight Rhoden’s “Hissy Fits” has left my mind in a tantrum. I would be a complete liar if I said this work was easy to dance. From its complexly-layered to music to difficult choreography and partnering sequences, each rehearsal has been a new challenge.


September 4, 2017

Student Blog: Tackling student choreography

By Alyssa Myers

As the semester begins to unfold, myself and the class of 2020 have begun working on choreography of our own. Lasts semester’s freshman choreography showcase brought so much light to our class; I can only imagine how a whole year of Kaufman curriculum can enhance our creative process.


August 28, 2017

Student Blog: First week for freshmen

By Zach Manske and Jainil Mehta

Initial impressions

JM: The freshman class has been constantly surprised by the admissions team and the faculty these past two weeks. The first time we ‘physically’ met each other was during the Meet the Dean event, just after moving in. I say ‘physically’ because we were in contact through our Facebook and iMessage group during the long waiting period after acceptance (between March and mid-August).

BFA students Juan, Sophia, Alvaro, and Jake in the Large Performance Studio

August 21, 2017

Student blog: Family’s first day back

By Celine Kiner

After Wednesday’s return to the USC campus, my textbooks are finally stacked, notebooks labeled, pencils sharpened, and of course, pointe shoes sewn.

BFA student Ardyn Flynt reflects on her time at Blues Week over the summer

August 14, 2017

Student Blog: At home in house and blues

By Ardyn Flynt

This summer, I was fortunate enough to spend time dancing to music that makes my heart soar, exploring movement that has fascinated me for years, and experiencing a culture that I have long been curious about: house dance.

August 8, 2017

Student Blog: Get involved

At USC Kaufman, there are endless ways to get involved–so many, in fact, that one student couldn’t cover them all. So we asked two; in this student blog, Lenai Wilkerson and Kaylin Sturtevant talk us through their activities inside and outside of the studio.

BFA Students pose for a selfie

August 3, 2017

Admission Student Blog: 10 things to know before applying

By Whitney Hester

August is almost here, which means the start of a new school year. New students going into college or getting ready to apply for colleges: you may think that you are completely prepared for life in a BFA program. Coming from a performing arts high school, I assumed I was completely prepared!  However, listed below are ten things I wish I had known before applying to college dance programs.

July 31, 2017

Student Blog: An individual, not just one of many

By Paulo Hernandez-Farella

Deciding which college to attend was one of the hardest decisions I have made to date, but as each day ends, I am thankful to attend USC Kaufman. USC Kaufman is the most progressive and unique dance program in the country today, and maybe even the world. From our repertory to our artistic guests, USC Kaufman will give you incredible training and simultaneously enable you to expand your résumé.

Composers and Dancers pose together

July 24, 2017

Student Blog: Opportunities knock

By Alyssa Allen

USC Kaufman’s environment produces many opportunities where dancers and artists can collaborate. We are able to start building connections with other artists on campus that will remain strong after graduation and throughout our professional endeavors. Many of these collaborations have blossomed into friendships that will surely last a lifetime. I believe that now is the best time to collaborate–we are all hungry to create, and are willing to do it for free (a rare opportunity in the working field).