Student Blog

two dancers in a studio, wearing t-shirts and sweatpants

November 11, 2021

Student Blog: Sophomore Choreography Showing

Second-year student Hayden Rivas (BFA ’24) discusses his experience creating a piece for the Sophomore Choreography Showing, in conjunction with the course Improvisation and Composition. The Sophomore Choreography Showing will take place Nov. 17 and 18 at the Glorya Kaufman International Dance Center.

girl standing in a dance class wearing a black shirt

November 5, 2021

Student Blog: Day in the life of a fourth year at USC Kaufman

My time at USC Kaufman is coming to a close, but until graduation comes, I will bask in the schedules that have carried me through my years here. A mix of dance technique, rehearsals and academic classes have been the backbone of my days from my first year to now. It is a structure that can be very rigorous, but I have come to love it!

a group of dancers dressed in black and white with a purple background

October 29, 2021

Student Blog: Performing for NBC Sports’ LA Fan Fest

We received an opportunity for USC Kaufman and USC Thornton students to produce and perform a Broadway-inspired song and dance number. The performance would air as part of the NBC Sports LA Fan Fest event taking place at the Coliseum, home to our USC Trojan Football team.

four students in black convocation robes pose for a picture. They are all wearing masks

October 20, 2021

Student Blog: Day in the life of a second year at USC Kaufman

As a BFA student at the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, our daily lives are filled with excitement, opportunities and new experiences. With a variety of academics, dance classes, extracurricular activities, social life, events and more, we get to be part of the USC Kaufman family and have an amazing college experience unlike any other in the country.

Peter Chu wearing maroon mask, black sweatshirt, and navy sweatpants

October 15, 2021

Student Blog: Working with Peter Chu

Cameron Cofrancesco (BFA ’22) shared his experience working with guest artist Peter Chu. According to Cofrancesco, “Working with guest artist Peter Chu was a lively and refreshing experience. Chu emphasizes connecting with the body on a deeper level and initiating movement in ways I’ve never been taught before.”

Dancer wearing yellow shirt in front of studio

October 6, 2021

Student Blog: Working with Toyin Sogunro

As part of our Repertory and Performance course this semester, third and fourth-year students get to work with many different guest artists on creating solo material. Elise Monson (BFA ’22) discusses working with guest artist Toyin Sogunro, a Los Angeles-based dance artist from Ladies of Hip-Hop.

Dancers facing multiple directions with right hand raised and left hand lowered

September 29, 2021

Student Blog: Working with Kara Wilkes

Eli Alford (BFA ’22) shares his experience working with guest artist Kara Wilkes, the current rehearsal director for Alonzo King LINES Ballet. Wilkes taught choreography to upperclass BFA students through Zoom from Oakland, Calif. The solos will later be professionally filmed for the students’ reels.

A man in a white shirt and black pants kicks his leg in the air in a dance studio.

September 21, 2021

Student Blog: Academic opportunities at USC

Functioning as a conservatory within a university, USC Kaufman enables its students to investigate other areas of academic or artistic interests within one of the world’s leading research institutions. Eli Alford (BFA ’22) talks about how his minor and general education courses influence his dance practices.

A man in a pale red shirt and orange pants embraces a woman on stage with a low ponytail wearing a pale red dress.

September 3, 2021

Student Blog: Performing Iconic Repertory

At USC Kaufman, students have the opportunity to enroll in Repertory and Performance where they learn established repertoire and explore the creation process of new works. Elise Monson (BFA ’22) describes her experience in this course as it varies each semester in what is taught and who is brought in for new creations.