Student Life

Opportunities through USC Kaufman

At USC Kaufman, the collaborative environment fosters constant interaction among faculty and peers, and allows opportunities to engage with USC’s international and diverse community. Students have the option to join student-run organizations or collectives (such as the SCCC), participate in the Student Advisory Board, conduct community outreach through Kaufman Connections, serve as Kaufman Student Ambassadors and much more. Many BFA students also work for USC Kaufman in operations, production, student services, advancement and communications.

USC Housing

USC Kaufman students are guaranteed USC housing for two years. They live in residential colleges alongside faculty members who assist with the transition to college life. USC has dorms, suites and apartments from which to choose. Students can choose to live with other dancers or with students in other majors.

Activities on Campus

Students can choose from several activities at USC to enrich their lives beyond the classroom. These opportunities include joining one or several of USC’s 850 student clubs and organizations, as well as attending free cultural events such as Visions & Voices. Students can also participate in wellness classes like yoga and meditation, enjoy recreational sports, become a part of USC Greek life, use campus workout facilities and support a variety of USC Trojan sports teams.

Life in Los Angeles

In a cultural hub like Los Angeles, students have the ability to venture off-campus and enjoy food, art, nature and culture. Students often take public transportation to local beaches or use ride-share services to explore what the city has to offer—from outdoor concerts to live show tapings. Los Angeles’ robust entertainment industry offers a range of commercial dance opportunities for which students can audition. Students can also take classes at nearby dance studios, such as EDGE, Millennium and Playground LA. The concert scene is just as vibrant in Los Angeles. Local and international dance companies perform at nearby venues, including our partner The Music Center, giving students even more opportunities to experience professional dance firsthand.